How do I book an appointment online?

  1.                    to be redirected to scheduling website.

  2. Select Book Now to view available Services. 

  3. Choose the Service and duration you want to book and Select it. 

  4. Select an available Staff. 

  5. Select an available Date.

  6. Select an available Time. 

  7. Select Next to proceed. 

  8. Enter your Email Address. 

  9. Select Continue to proceed. 

  10. If you have an existing account, enter your Password. If you don't, enter your Contact Information to create one. 

  11. Select Continue to proceed. 

  12. If activated by the Business, check any Add-ons you'd like to include with the Service and select Next. To bypass, select Skip instead.

  13. If it's your first time booking under this account with the Business, check either Yes, I'm a first time customer or Nope, I've been here before.

  14. Enter Notes to provider (optional). 

  15. Select Next to proceed. 

  16. Check I agree with the cancellation policy. 

  17. Select Next to proceed. 

  18. Select your preferred Payment Option to complete booking a new appointment and to advance to the Booking Complete page: 

  19. If you want to pay in advance, select Prepay Now > enter Credit Card Information > Make Payment.

  20. If you want to pay after the appointment, select Pay in Person.

  21. If you're paying with a Gift Certificate, select Gift Certificate > enter the Gift Certificate Code and Amount > Continue.

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